Remembering Black History Month

Feb 17, 2011 Issues: Health Care

WASHINGTON, DC– In honor of February as Black History Month, U.S. Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI), joined several of his House colleagues in support of three congressional resolutions supporting the achievements of African Americans in our nation.

“Many of our nation’s proudest achievements were made real by African American trailblazers and we must not forget their incredible work,” said Congressman Cicilline. “This month we recommit ourselves to fighting the real struggles African Americans continue to face in our country but also honor the triumphs made by African Americans to make our nation more just, more competitive and strong.”

In honor of the work African Americans have contributed to our nation, Congressman Cicilline proudly co-sponsored congressional resolutions this month that not only remember February as Black History Month but also recognize 2011 as the Year of People of African descent. This resolution states that the year 2011 will be dedicated to strengthening national actions and regional and international cooperation for the benefit of people of African descent.

Additionally, Cicilline co-sponsored legislation commemorating February 7th as National Black HIV/AIDS Awareness Day. This congressional resolution encourages state and local governments, public health agencies and the media to emphasize and publicize the importance of this day in the African American community.

“Nearly 30 years after the first cases of AIDS were reported, HIV is still running rampant in our country and studies show by and large African Americans suffer disproportionately from the AIDS epidemic,” said Cicilline. “This resolution is one small step in a broader strategy to combat the spread of HIV/AIDS in the African American community by raising awareness of the issue and encouraging support for the implementation of a National AIDS Strategy.”