Cicilline Statement on Passage of Immigration Reform Bill in U.S. Senate

Jun 27, 2013

WASHINGTON - U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline, who joined advocates earlier this month for a press conference on Capitol Hill to highlight the importance of comprehensive immigration reform, issued the following statement after the Senate passed S. 744 by a vote of 68-32:

“Our current immigration system is broken – it doesn’t work for families, it doesn’t work for our small business community, it doesn’t work for immigrants who are already living here, and it doesn’t work for people who aspire to become citizens of this great country. I am hopeful that the strong, bipartisan vote in the Senate will compel Speaker Boehner to bring to the floor a House proposal so we can move forward on a bill that not only protects our long-term economic interests, but also reflects our values as a nation – the idea that we’re all in this together, that diversity is one of our great strengths, that America is a beacon of hope to the world and, most importantly, that the American Dream means providing a decent life for yourself and your family.”