Cicilline Returns from Visiting Troops in Afghanistan, Iraq

Feb 28, 2011 Issues: The War in Afghanistan

Cicilline Video Message to Troops from Afghanistan

Photos from Rep. Cicilline’s Trip to Afghanistan & Iraq

PROVIDENCE, RI –U.S. Congressman David Cicilline (D-RI) recently completed a bipartisan congressional delegation trip to Afghanistan and Iraq. Upon his return, Congressman Cicilline issued the following statement after visiting soldiers from Rhode Island stationed in both countries:

“It is a true honor to personally thank the brave and selfless men and women serving on the frontlines in our armed services. It is among my top priorities to support our men and women in uniform and ensure their safety.

“When they return home, I believe all military personnel and their families deserve immediate access to the services they need to make their transition to civilian life. We must repay them with the same dedication and honor with which they have served our nation.

“During this recent trip I had the opportunity to meet with soldiers from Rhode Island.  I brought them calling cards, so they can more easily speak with their loved ones back home.  I also brought Dunkin Donuts coffee so our troops serving in Afghanistan and Iraq can enjoy a piece of home—even though they’re serving their country away from home at the moment.

“Our troops have performed admirably and have successfully completedevery mission given to them. In Congress, I will work to ensure we keep our promise to them by ensuring we do everything we can to provide appropriate care and treatment to service members on the battlefield, upon their return home, and throughout their lives.”

To view Representative Cicilline’s press conference remarks, please click here to watch the press conference on YouTube.

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