Cicilline, DPCC Co-Chairs Unveil A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future Economic Agenda

Jul 25, 2017

WASHINGTON –  House Democratic Policy & Communications Committee (DPCC) Co-Chairs David Cicilline, Cheri Bustos, and Hakeem Jeffries today released Congressional Democrats’ A Better Deal: Better Jobs, Better Wages, Better Future – a bold, new economic agenda.

“With A Better Deal, America will once again value honest, hard work by investing in the American worker. We will help 10 million Americans find good-paying, full-time jobs that allow them to provide for their families, buy a home, give their kids a better life, and save for a secure retirement,” said DPCC Co-Chair David Cicilline.  “We’ll create these jobs by putting Americans back to work rebuilding our bridges, roads, and transportation networks. The American people deserve a government that is fighting for them.”

“For many Americans, wages have failed to keep up with the rate of inflation, with the rising cost of living, and with the aspirations of the American people to provide a better future for their children and grandchildren,” said DPCC Co-Chair Hakeem Jeffries “The A Better Deal economic agenda will aggressively address the problem of wage stagnation by incentivizing companies to raise worker pay and breaking up monopolies that artificially suppress wages. Democrats will not rest until the American people get a better deal, better jobs, better wages and a better future.”

“We know that today’s 21st century jobs require 21st century skills. While there are a lot of people eager to take these jobs, many don’t know where to get the specific skills they need,” said DPCC Co-Chair Cheri Bustos. “Through A Better Deal, we’re going to solve this problem by doubling our investment in workforce training and apprenticeships and we’ll create a skills pipeline that gets our economy back on track. It’s pretty simple - connecting workers with better skills leads to better jobs with better wages.”

A Better Deal was created from the ground up across both the House and the Senate, and includes input from the entire ideological spectrum. By listening to all voices, the agenda reflects the beautiful mosaic and diversity of our country -- as well as the hopes, dreams and aspirations of its people.

The economic agenda centers on three core objectives: creating millions of good-paying, full-time jobs and raising wages, lowering the cost of living for America’s families, and building an economy that gives every American the tools to succeed in the 21st century.  

The DPCC Co-Chairs today unveiled three new policy proposals to support hard-working Americans, including:

·         Creating good-paying, full-time jobs for 10 million more Americans in the next five years;

·         Lowering the cost of prescription drugs and ending outrageous drug price gouging;

·         Cracking down on monopolies and big corporate mergers that hurt consumers, workers and competition.

A Better Deal recognizes that the best way to grow the economy is to strengthen the middle class and those working to get there, not to give handouts to corporations and the super-rich.  While Republicans continue to push the same old trickle-down economics, Democrats are making sure that the government is on the side of working Americans, not those at the top.

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