Cicilline, Democrats to Trump: Do Your Job, Protect Health Care

May 19, 2017 Issues: Health Care

WASHINGTON - U.S. Congressman David N. Cicilline (D-RI) was joined today by the Ranking Members of the House Committees on Ways and Means, Energy and Commerce, Education and Workforce, and Budget, in introducing a resolution calling on President Trump to uphold his oath of office and faithfully carry out the Affordable Care Act (ACA) as long as it remains the law of the land.


“Under the Affordable Care Act, more than 20 million Americans, including 110,000 Rhode Islanders have gained access to health care coverage. Premiums are growing at the lowest rate in 50 years, and the number of Americans with health insurance has never been higher,” said Cicilline. “This resolution sends a clear message to President Trump: Democrats will not let him undermine the Affordable Care Act without a fight.”


On Inauguration Day, President Trump signed an executive order to weaken the Affordable Care Act. Since then, as Republicans have failed to come up with a viable alternative, reports have indicated that the Trump administration is considering ways to unilaterally weaken the landmark health care law.


Cicilline’s resolution expresses the sense of the House of Representatives that President Trump should:


·         Ensure cost sharing reduction payments under the ACA are paid to help hard-working Americans afford health insurance;

·         Enforce the individual mandate to encourage Americans to maintain health coverage;

·         Work with States and insurers to make sure that consumers everywhere have viable insurance options;

·         Provide adequate funding for and for outreach and grants to Navigators so that Americans seeking health coverage are able to sign up; and

·         Not use Executive Actions to undermine the Affordable Care Act.


“President Trump and his administration have been determined to sabotage the Affordable Care Act since day one,” Energy and Commerce Ranking Member Frank Pallone, Jr. said. “This resolution provides a clear outline of immediate actions President Trump can take to undo the damage he has inflicted on the American health care system and stabilize the health insurance markets.”  


“It is alarming that President Trump and his Administration have already taken steps to undermine the health care of millions of Americans,” said Ways and Means Committee Ranking Member Neal. “It is their responsibility to support the Affordable Care Act, not work to actively sabotage it for political purposes while hardworking Americans are forced to pay the price.”


“This resolution calls on the Administration to protect the progress that we’ve made on access to health care,” said Education and the Workforce Committee Ranking Member Bobby Scott. “Any action taken by the Administration should improve that access – not undermine it.”


“The Trump Administration’s continued sabotage of the Affordable Care Act has put the health care of millions of Americans at risk. The President must stop undermining the law and start fulfilling his obligations to the millions of families whose health and well-being is on the line.”


This resolution is introduced two weeks after the House of Representatives passed the American Health Care Act, also known as TrumpCare, which would remove health coverage for 24 million Americans.