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House passes Cicilline's bill to strengthen Rhode Island manufacturers
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Taking on Untraceable Guns

Congressman Cicilline introduces bill to take on President Trump's reckless approach to 3-D printed guns
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Honoring First Sergeant McKenna

Cicilline's bill to create permanent memorial to Rhode Island hero signed into law
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Reps Cicilline, Lieu, Sanchez, Eshoo And Gallego Introduce Bill To Curb Government Corruption

Nov 16, 2018 Press Release

One of the most surprising aspects of the Trump Administration has been how willingly they have shirked ethical norms—and how easily some of our current laws have allowed it to happen. Actions that would’ve been unthinkable in prior Administrations are standard practice in this one. If there is something positive to come out of the Trump Administration’s culture of corruption, it’s that we now have an acute understanding of the loopholes in our current anticorruption protections. Whether it’s using government airplanes for personal trips or forcing taxpayers to foot the bill for visits to an official’s commercial property, Trump’s willingness to wring the taxpayer dry needs to end.

Cicilline Statement on Death of Former Rhode Island First Lady Carcieri

Nov 15, 2018 Press Release

As Rhode Island’s First Lady, Sue Carcieri served our state with honor and grace. I am very saddened to learn of her death today. Sue was a devoted wife and mother whose love for Rhode Island never waned. I’m confident that she will be remembered for the generosity and compassion she showed for the most vulnerable. Her death is our entire state’s loss. I will be keeping former Governor Donald Carcieri and his entire family in my thoughts and prayers today.

Cicilline Statement on New York Times Facebook Report

Nov 14, 2018 Press Release

Facebook cannot be trusted to regulate itself. This staggering report makes clear that Facebook executives will always put their massive profits ahead of the interests of their customers. We’ve known for some time that Facebook chose to turn a blind eye to the spread of hate speech and Russian propaganda on its platform. Now we know that once they knew the truth, top executives did everything they could to hide it from the public by using a playbook of suppressing opposition and propagating conspiracy theories.

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